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Missing Teeth? Consider Dentures

If you are missing some, or all, of your teeth, it may be time to consider a replacement. The most common replacement for missing teeth is dentures. You have the option of more than one variety of dentures, depending on how many of your natural teeth you are trying to replace. There are partial dentures if you are only missing a few of your teeth, or there are full dentures if you are missing all of your teeth. Here is what you should know about dentures before getting them.

A glass of water with dentures soaking in it

Why You May Need Dentures

When your teeth are no longer able to remain in your jaw or be repaired in any way, either due to being loose or due to deterioration, most dentists will extract those teeth. At that point, you need to consider how you are going to replace those teeth so that your mouth and jaw can still function normally.

Typically, most people turn to dentures. Common reasons that people get dentures include:

•  They have recently had an extraction of a decayed tooth
•  They want to be able to restore how they are able to chew their food
•  They want to be able to restore how they appear to others when they smile
•  When they have no teeth left on one arch, or both arches, of the jaw
•  They want to replace their teeth, but cannot afford other options, such as dental implants

The Difference Between the Dentures

A partial denture only covers a few missing teeth. It does not cover an entire arch, but instead, a gap that is missing from having one or two teeth extracted. Some partial dentures will be removable for cleaning, while others are affixed to the teeth surrounding the gap that you are trying to replace. On the contrary, full dentures cover an entire arch of the jaw. This means, the patient does not have any teeth left on the top or bottom jaw, and this full denture is going to sit on the gums on that jaw, and replace the teeth that are lost.

A denture is going to look similar overall, just smaller or larger, depending on the type of denture you get. You will get a white piece of plastic that resembles the tooth (or teeth) atop a bit of pink plastic that resembles the gum. That pink plastic will sit on top of the gums that are covering the jaw, and allow the user to be able to talk and chew more like they would have been able to do with their natural teeth.

While dentures are likely going to affect the types of food you can eat, your jaw will remain in better health if you use dentures over not having any. Your jaw needs to be used consistently to stay happy and healthy, and the pressure dentures apply is the best way to offer that comfort. Most find the upper denture to be more comfortable, but there are options to help the lower denture be comfortable, too. Give us a call at (503) 345-9693 and let us explain how we can help!
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