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Dr. Brett Daby and his staff will be joining his brother, Dr. Jon Daby at "Smiles on Sandy"
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We will be seeing patients in our brand new space July 17th.

Preparing for Your Child's First Dental Visit

Making sure that your teeth remain healthy and strong is something that we should be doing at any age! At Blue Sky Dental, we are happy to offer dental services to patients at all different stages in life. This includes children as well as adolescent and adult care, and we are happy to work with your whole family to ensure that all of you maintain the highest level of oral health possible! We also know that bringing your children in for dental visits can be a chore, especially when they are new to the experience and might be frightened. That’s why we are especially careful to make these first experiences good ones so that they will be happy to come back and continue their dental care.

What should I expect for my child’s first visit?

When you are bringing your child in for their first dental visit, you might be wondering what to expect and how to prepare. This first visit will be a comprehensive review of your child’s health and dental information. It will also consist of a thorough dental examination to detect any current issues and prevent any problems from occurring. You can also expect a conversation about important diet, oral hygiene habits, and nutrition information that is designed to help ensure that your child stays as healthy and happy as possible. Depending upon their age, we would love to make them an active part of the conversation so that they also understand how important it is to maintain good dental hygiene habits and to eat foods that are healthy for their bodies as well as their teeth.

In addition to the above, we might also conduct a dental cleaning, perform X-rays as needed, and complete remineralization therapy. This depends upon your child’s age, of course. Dr. Brett Daby will then make sure to take the time to talk with you about any concerns that were found during the examination as well as any concerns that you might have. We’ll also be sure to give you more information about what you should expect as your child’s oral development progresses.

How can I prepare for my child’s first dental visit?

In order to help ensure that this is a positive experience for your child, it is important that the child does not have a reason to fear the dentist’s office before they ever arrive. When you talk about going to see the dentist, do so positively and make the situation seem as normal and routine as possible. Avoid words that might scare or confuse your child, like the following:
•  Shot
•  Drill
•  Hurt
•  Needle

These are all words that might bring your child unnecessary anxiety. We don’t want them to dread this first visit – it will set the tone for following visits, after all. The best way to prepare is simply to impress upon your child that visiting the dentist is a normal part of life that is a benefit to their health.

If you would like to schedule your child’s first dental appointment, contact us at (503) 345-9693 today!
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Dr. Brett Daby
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